How You Can Help

As a registered charity, we provide tax receipts for any donations received.

Contact our Executive Director for more details:


You can drop off your refundable recyclables at Oickle’s Bottle Exchange on 100 High Street, Bridgewater, N.S. and ask to credit Small World’s account.


Supporters of our 2016 expansion:

We would like to thank the families, businesses, and individuals who contributed to our “Under One Roof” campaign. They are listed below:

Gold Sponsor: Over $10,000

Nova Scotia Communities, Culture & Heritage

Government of Canada Enabling Accessibility

Silver Sponsor: $5000 – $ 9,999:

Leon deVreede, Wayne Groszko and Community Energy Cooperative (in kind)

Bronze Sponsor: $100 to $4,999:

John & Judy Bragg Foundation

Bounty Print (donation of fundraising sign)

Bridgewater Development Association

Alex and Hala Jebailey

Silver & Taylor Barristers

Efficiency Nova Scotia

Able Land Surveying (donation of the survey)

Halifax Youth Foundation

Mark’s Plumbing & Heating

Russ and Chrissy Acomb

Donna & Gerald Stapleton

Stephany & David Aulenback

Paulette Woodworth

Barbara Campbell in honour of Campbell Jordan

Alex & Hala Jebailey

Belliveau Veinotte Inc

Dr. Sarah Campbell-Tennant & Chris Jordan

Craig Schrader: (grout and mortar donation)

Friend of Small World Learning Centre

C.P & Thelma Williams

Bob & Stephanie Chipman

Luis & Diana Jimenez

Gabriel & Deborah Anjorin

Harry Delong: (labour for cubbies & benches)

Up to $99:

Kayla Swinmer; Andrea Hayden; Elizabeth Hicks; Jocelyn Wentzell; Karen Corkum

Chad and Everett Nippard: installation of snow fence for construction phase

Tanya Barry and Todd Jefferson: installation of fundraising sign

Charlie Ley, Alex Jebailey, Gerald, Leigan and Shamus Stapleton: removing chain link fence

Jim & Jamie Turner: clearing the lot, window boxes between classrooms, extra insulation in building and office

Samantha, Jake (Olivia) Eldridge, Michelle Amos (Noah, Anabelle), Tracy Wile (Ronan), Sarah Turner, Patricia Joyce (Oliver, Lettie), Chris Jordan & Sarah Tennant (Campbell, Mya)
Gail Sinclair (Erin), Gerald, Donn, Leigan & Shamus Stapleton, David & Angela Doggett (Parker), Brian & Anthony Peeler, Charile Ley (Pipper), Stephen Bishop, Kate Domingo: Landscaping

Loranne Stoneburg, Phyllis Sawler: prep work for painting

Craig Shrader, Kate Domingo, Donna Stapleton, Michelle Amos, Charlie Ley, Linda & Terry
Matheson, Betty Duffney, Bernadette Hughes, Samantha Crouse Eldridge, Spencer Crouse,Stephany Aulenback, Amy Rhodenizer, Jana Hirtle, Mary Dillon, Mark Hughes: Priming and or painting

Leigan & Shamus Stapleton, Alex Jebailey: delivering cabinets/ countertops from storage

Terry Matheson & Shamus Stapleton: Assembling Cabinets & picking up counter tops

Jamie Beck & Leigan Stapleton: installing cabinets

Obie Amos: Building stand for sinks and 2 water play tables

Chris Jordan & Dr. Sarah Campbell Tennant: removing old wooden fence

Donnie Hanhams, Criag Sinclair, Gerald Stapleton, Gail Sinclair: moving items from storage

Jake & Samantha Elderidge: installation of bathroom partition

Terry Matheson: sanding and sealing cubbies & benches

Shelley & Brian Peeler, Linda & Terry Matheson, Donna & Gerald Stapleton: setting up new addition, removing garbage & extra items

Thank you for supporting Small World Learning Centre!