What Others Have to Say

Recently Ann Pelo, a renowned early childhood educator from Seattle and the author of That’s Not Fair!: A Teacher’s Guide to Activism with Young Children, had this to say about us:

“I had the good fortune of visiting Small World in October, and before I’d even entered the building, my attention was captivated by the outdoor space. What an invitation the yard is! Certainly, it welcomes running and climbing and digging and jumping, and honors children’s rights to the exhilaration of muscle and speed. But the yard moves far beyond any typical play space, in the striking beauty of its offerings: woods to explore, a hill to clamber up and tumble down, a garden to tend, a vine-draped cave, a teepee made of long, elegant branches, a pump from which to gather water, a forest of sunflowers . . . Small World embodies one of the best, most enlivening examples of an outdoor classroom and children’s naturescape that I’ve seen in my visits to child care centres across North America. It does honor to the children who spend their days at Small World, and honor to our small and precious world.”

From Parents:

“My older son attended two other preschool programs in the Bridgewater area but it wasn’t until my younger daughter started at Small World that I felt we’d found the perfect early childhood program. First of all, it’s the only centre in the area that uses the state-of-the-art Reggio approach and, if you understand child development and education, you know you won’t find a better program anywhere. We are so lucky to have this program available to us here in Lunenburg County. Furthermore, the centre’s physical environment is wonderful (how could you not be impressed by it?!) and it’s the first thing everyone remarks on but, in my opinion, the teachers are even better. Sylvie’s preschool teachers have become beloved figures in her world and as a former Elementary school teacher, I can see the extra care, time, and effort they put into every moment of the day. Working with children requires a special gift and they have it, absolutely.”

Stephany Aulenback

“When we moved to Bridgewater three years ago, we visited several childcare facilities to decide where to enroll Owen. [The outdoor space] was one major attraction to Small World Learning Centre that drastically set it apart from all others in Bridgewater and certainly the city. Our comfort came from knowing that Owen would be exposed to not only culture and learning but to what it truly means to be a kid – he would be outdoors playing in the dirt, walking/playing in the woods, searching for bugs and insects, sledding in winter etc. It makes me emotional just writing this recap of our experience with Small World because it truly encompasses…everything needed in promoting well-rounded individuals. Thank you to the amazing staff!”


“From our first tour at Small World, especially seeing the unique outdoor play space at York Street, we knew that this was the right place for our daughter. She thrived at Small World’s Preschool program for over two years and now continues in the After School program. Her Preschool days were filled with adventures, new friends, and experiences that moved our shy, reserved little girl to be curious, confident, and respectful to others. We couldn’t have asked for more from such thoughtful caregivers at Small World to prepare her for the next stages of her development.”

Gail and Craig Sinclair

“SWLC recognizes each child as an individual and each family as a whole. We trust the staff and rely on them as an important part of our lives. The staff at SWLC help build strong healthy young people with a firm foundation and the skills they’ll need for their bright and beautiful futures!”

Chrissy and Russ Acomb

Other early childhood educators and administrators often visit our centre to learn from us. Here’s what they have to say:

“Very welcoming! Everyone and everything says ‘come visit!’ I loved that there were little touches of children and families (and teachers too!) everywhere! Everyone had to be invested in the overall goal in order to accomplish the beautiful environment. Such creativity and thought everywhere. Your play area says that you treasure children and possibilities.”

“I am impressed by the attention to detail. Even the ever-so-small details show the respect and passion within your program. So inspiring! And I really loved the open-ended conversations between the children and the teachers. You have very happy children and the teachers take such pride in their environment.”

“Amazing. Calm. Beautiful. Homey. Well-organized, inviting, bright surroundings. So much wonder and magic to explore. Such a happy, loving caring environment … it is very apparent that the staff have true passion in their hearts to create such an amazing environment to explore. Donna, the director, is an amazing person, a true leader. She shows such respect and caring for the children and her staff and amazing insight. Her hard work shines through.”

“Awesome elements and simple ideas that mean so much. Documentation is everywhere. I don’t know how you keep up with it all. It is so reflective and eye-opening.”

“The environment, indoors and out, is inviting, abundant, open, free, and calming. The arrangements, pictures, documentation make this centre feel like a trusted, trusting, safe place where children have the opportunity to explore their surroundings.”

“Accessible, welcoming, and cozy. The use of the natural space is wonderful!”

“The dedicated art room allows children to work on projects over time without having to clean up every time a table is needed for something else.”

“What caught my attention about Small World Learning Centre is the unique, and rich learning environment. I am particularly fond of the utilization of the outdoors, and nature throughout the centre, and its daily routines. The children enjoy this time outside and in nature, and it is an important part of their lives and physical development and psychological and emotional well-being. This is becoming more and more important as our world and ways of life become ever more automated and technologically driven. “

Corey Hynick